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Perry Prete was born in Sudbury, Ontario 1962, the middle child of three. His father passed away in 1972, leaving only his mother and two siblings. His mother re-married years after, and they moved to a small town just outside Sudbury, where he completed grade school. He finished grades nine and part of grade ten at Ecole Secondaire Franco-Jeunesse before moving to London, Ontario, in 1976. He transferred to G.A. Wheable H.S. for the final two and a half years. For most of his high school years in London, he worked at McDonald's on Wellington Road. After graduating high school, Perry decided on a television career and went to Fanshawe College for Television Broadcasting and worked for CICI and CKNC, CTV and CBC affiliates for a short time in Sudbury. He moved back to London and worked for a few months before returning to Fanshawe for the Paramedic program, where he met his wife. 

After graduating from Paramedicine, he worked as a medic in St. Mary's, Stratford, London, and Windsor before relocating to Brockville, Ontario, in 1984 to work full-time as a Paramedic. While working as a Paramedic, he was injured in a stationary bike accident which put his arm in a cast, giving him the time he needed to write his first novel, "All Good Things." He wrote his second novel shortly after, "The More Things Change."

In between novels, he briefly taught part of the Paramedic program at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall. 

Perry wrote the third novel in the series, "The Things That Matter Most," "Highway 7," "The Mind's Eye," and "The Infected." He has three unfinished novels and several completed works. 

Perry continues to work as a Paramedic for Leeds Grenville Paramedic Services. With over 40 years of experience and counting, those calls have provided ample material for his future books. 

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