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My Works

The Infected

A rogue virus alters human DNA, causing a mutation which infects most of the world’s population. Those immune to the virus must survive any way they can as the two groups fight for dominance. The infected mindlessly hunt at night, and humans travel and forage for food during the day. Rumours have spread of an area free of the infected in the cold, barren land permanently frozen in Northern Canada, where the infected cannot survive.

A girl, alone and scared, is rescued by one of the infected, forming a bond that may change how these two groups live with each other.

As their unlikely friendship grows, she realizes peace may be possible if others learn to accept them until everything changes.

A virus infects the world with an infection altering its DNA. The Infected live at night, and humans live during the day. Each group avoids the other as humans search for an area free of The Infected until an unlikely bond occurs between the two.


The Mind’s Eye

Nicole Blake is a quiet girl who is seldom noticed by anyone until one day, and she discovers she has the unique ability to see images and move on photographs. At first, she uses her ability to entertain friends at parties and work. Meanwhile, the police cannot uncover clues in unsolved murders. Seasoned detective Paul Hammond learns of Nicole’s ability and enlists her help.


Carl Kadner, a rookie reporter with the local paper, takes it upon himself to investigate the murders as well. Carl puts himself in danger for the story's sake as he learns what it takes to be the kind of reporter he wants. What will it take to bring all these people together to discover why people continue to disappear?


All Good Things - Book 2 

One man kills people. Another man tries to save them.

Ethan Tennant, a seasoned Paramedic working in the capital city of Ottawa, accidentally becomes embroiled in a series of brutal killings as he responds to his daily calls. Sometimes it takes an outsider to piece together a puzzle; however, Ethan finds he is just the person to discover the strange connection between the incidents. As Ethan digs deeper in the search for the truth, he unearths horrors that he could never imagine existed.

Ethan comes face to face with a killer, and that is just the beginning.

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The More Things Change -  Book 3

Everyone thought the Second World War ended on April 30th, 1945, with Hitler's death.

In 2013, Ethan Tennant, a Paramedic for the City of Ottawa, discovered more than a body on Parliament Hill. He unwittingly unleashes a secret that began almost seventy years ago and hasn't been revealed. Some people want to keep what they find a secret, and others want the world to know. Certain secrets are never meant to be known.

Hitler's dream may not have died with him.

The Things That Matter Most - Book 1


In the summer of August 2000, Ethan Tennant, Tom Lister and Galen Hoese work together to catch the killer of young girls during the first summer of the new millennia.
Young, innocent girls play in the summer heat, oblivious to the dangers around them, only to fall prey to the worst death possible. Parents, neighbours and the police are frustrated by the lack of progress on the case.

The killer is always one step ahead of the police. The killer seems to know more than the police investigating the crimes. It's not until Ethan and his new girlfriend become involved that the puzzle pieces form a complete picture. But does anyone want to see what has remained hidden for so long?

Ken D "The book hooked me and kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time. It was such a great book!"

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Highway 7 - 4 Dark Tales

A terrifying tale of claustrophobia reveals a dark secret even more disturbing than the present ordeal. What should be an idyllic family reunion turns to trauma when a demon from the past reappears to claim its victim. An innocent girl investigating a series of brutal murders becomes warped in ways one cannot imagine. And a pit stop along a long highway drive may lead to love, or it may be the final destination in a bizarre twist of fate…

Mystery novelist Perry Prete returns with Highway 7: 4 Dark Tales, an anthology of unsettling horror stories that will leave you shivering as you triple-check your locked door. Get ready to experience a weird world as you journey along Highway 7!

Strange Remains - A Medical Thriller

Over several years, Ottawa Advanced Care Paramedic Ethan Tennant has been thrust from one mystery to another while trying to balance his work and personal life. Galen Hoese from the Ottawa Police protects Ethan from himself and those who want the young paramedic out of the way. Ethan and his work partner Tom Lister, friends since college, have seen the worst that people can inflict upon themselves and each other in the streets of the nation's capital. The team puts their feelings aside except when those who want to hurt Ethan get too close, only to discover what two young paramedics are capable of.

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Colour Cuts And Corpses

A Stylish Murder Mystery


Bishop’s Mills is a sleep town where people seldom lock their doors, and crime only happens on TV.


Alana Leffley’s boyfriend is found murdered in the hair salon where she works. To make matters worse, the murder weapon is her styling shears. She is now the primary suspect in a murder she is almost sure she didn’t commit. The problem is she can’t recall where she was when the murder occurred.


To prove her innocence and clear her name, Alana must become her own advocate and investigate the murder she is accused of committing.

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