The More Things Change

The More Things Change


Everyone thought the Second World War ended April 30th, 1945 with Hitler’s death.

In 2013, Ethan Tennant, a Paramedic for the City of Ottawa, discovers more than a body on Parliament Hill, he unleashes a secret that began almost seventy years ago and still hasn’t been revealed.

Some people want to keep what he found a secret, others want the world to know.

Hitler’s Germany may not be finished just yet.


The More Things Change-Chapter 1 – Preview the upcoming book!



All Good Things
Publisher:  Sands Press

Author Perry Prete creates realistic and compelling characters in his debut novel All Good Things.  In the first of two murder mystery  novels,  the reader is introduced  to Ottawa resident,  Ethan Tennant, veteran paramedic; his long time partner Tom Lister and Ottawa detective Galen Hoese.

“One man kills people, while another tries to save them in ALL Good Things, the first novel in the Ethan Tennant series.  Ethan, a paramedic working in the city of Ottawa accidentally becomes embroiled in a series of brutal murders as he responds to his daily calls.  When he discovers a strange connection between the incidents, Ethan begins to work with his lifelong friend Galen, now a detective.“  

We enter the world of emergency services through Ethan’s eyes and walk a mile in his shoes; the novel enters the realm of social commentary; where the curtain is drawn on the day to day lives of paramedics;  calls and cases described by the numbers.  The story of Sergeant Roscoe is heart breaking.  The isolation, loneliness and vulnerability of the elderly laid out in stark detail.  A tale that feels so real;  that  it must come from the case books;  where preserving the humanity and dignity of the patient is paramount to preserving the life of the patient.

It was interesting to read a novel with familiar place names; a novelty in itself.  I was surprised by the personal memories evoked as Ethan travels the highways and byways of the Ottawa region.   Unexpected childhood memories of the Hunt Club caddy shack came to mind and I fully expect to find the best pizza in town at Milos Restaurant in Brockville.

The character of  detective Galen Hoese is well crafted,  providing much needed comic relief; as the author builds tension around  Ethan’s entanglement with several gruesome, unsolved murders.  Their long friendship surviving the clash of wills and territorial prerogative separating ambulance jockeys and real detectives.  Ethan’s humorous observations on group dynamics in the police force also has the feel of reality.  The cliché that doughnuts and the cops go together; raises questions about  the OPP station co-located with Tim Horton’s in Carleton Place.

Beginning with the first hair raising encounter with murder and madness;   the central theme of the novel; that all good things (come to an end ) is the story of Ethan’s descent into darkness and death.  Unable to compartmentalize or separate himself from events; trauma and obsession lead to the road less traveled.

About the Author

After Graduating as a paramedic in 1983 from the Ambulance and Emergency Care Program (now Primary Care Paramedic Program) at Fanshawe College, Perry worked part time for various EMS agencies before settling in Brockville, Ontario, in 1984.  He continues to work as a full-time paramedic and with almost thirty years of experience in dealing with the sick and injured, he uses his past experiences to weave together his novels.

When not working as a paramedic, he is also the owner of Sands Canada, a medical equipment company dedicated to the pre-hospital care community.  As well as retailing equipment used by paramedics and other medical responders, he and his staff design high-end medical deployment cases based on his decades of field experience.

Perry is a native of Sudbury but grew up in London an now resides in Brockville, Ontario.