The Mind’s Eye

Nicole Blake is a quiet girl, the type of person who is seldom noticed by anyone, until one day, she discovers she has a unique ability to see images move on photographs. At first, she uses her ability to entertain friends at parties and work. After months of investigation, the police are unable to find a single clue that links the deaths. Paul Hammond, a seasoned detective, with a secret to hide, learns of Nicole’s ability, and convinces her to help with a series of unsolved murders in their small town.

Carl Kadner, a rookie reporter with the local paper, takes it upon himself to investigate the mystery. As he learns what it means to be the kind of reporter he has always dreamed of becoming, Carl puts himself in danger for the sake of the story.

What will it take to bring all these people together when they find the real reason people continue to disappear?





Sherry J. Fundin


as eye see it


After I got over the brutal murder, I couldn’t help but laugh at Paul as he faces his day. He is definitely not a morning person and I can relate. Neither am I. I like that he wears sneakers with his suits. Makes sense to me. I laugh along with his police partners as they poke fun at him, like only true friends can do.

Nicole is just hanging out with her best friend, while the power is out due to a snowstorm, when her gift comes to light.

HE is pure evil. How does he choose his victims? I’ll leave that up to you to find out, but it is not what your run of the mill serial killer would he. He is brutal, savage. He is a real sicko.

Nicole’s ability is developing and she has no idea how intense it will get. She can feel the victim’s pain, live through their death. .I know she will get involved in the investigation and now I know how and why.

When Paul and Nicole meet, something zaps between them. Big surprise, right? (said sarcastically) I don’t mind knowing some of the story beforehand,, just as long as the author throws in a surprise or two. I love the scene where Nicole is getting dressed for their date. Simone is helping her and she does need the help. I love her BFF.

It’s easy to see how Carl, the reporter becomes involved. Investigating is not a nine to five, sit at your desk job. He goes out in the field. He wants to be a REAL reporter. He even dresses the part in a thrift store suit that makes me think of the film noir PI’s.

I love the dark, black as night thrillers and this qualifies. The murders are gruesome, grisly, overkill, mutilations beyond your imagination. Then…comes the autopsy description that takes it to another level of upchucking ugliness. The more grossness Perry Prete feeds me, the hungrier I get. BUT, I do like fun and smiles with my murder mysteries and he does supply that too, along with dialogue and easy banter between the characters.

Oh man, the hospital scene. Caught me by surprise, but Nicole is not afraid and I love it. NOW IT’S INTENSE…my thoughts run riot, I want to scream and yell, my heart beats a little faster, my eyes devour the words faster, the pace of the novel picks up, the suspense mounting.

The ending…..FANTASTIC.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Mind’s Eye by Perry Prete


Mystery Suspense Reviews

Can She Stop A Killer?

A young woman’s life changes suddenly when she looks at a photograph and the picture moves as if a video. Startling, yes, but Nicole Blake is dealing with it. She makes it into a party trick rather than something serious that could cause trouble.

Until a woman at one of the party’s is found dead. The homicide department isn’t impressed until they meet her and she reveals something only the lead detective knows. He believes.

What she sees in the photos he shows her come at her from different angles, all frightening.

The Mind’s Eye is such an intriguing story. It draws you in right from the beginning and keeps you snuggly planted in the book until you are finished. Descriptive characters, interesting relationships, including a potential romance, and an evil killer come together in a concise, scary novel. A newspaper reporter, looking for his big break, inserts himself into the investigation as well. Will he help though or hurt the case?

More bodies increase tension. Can they find the killer before the next young woman is taken?

It’s a first read for me from author Perry Prete, but I’ll be looking for more. He is also the author of the popular Ethan Tennant series. I’m hoping this might be the beginning of a series as well. Nicole would be a fascinating character to see involved in future crime investigations.

You’ll enjoy this one.  It’s a fast, suspenseful mystery that you are sorry to see end.  Well written and well told.


100 Pages A Day…. Stephanie’s Book Reviews


Paul is a middle-aged detective in a place that doesn’t have much crime at all.  Then, a dismembered arm in found in a snow bank, after that more body parts are unearthed.  The crimes might be connected, but he has no idea how. With no real leads, Paul turns to Nicole, a guest at the same party as one of the victims.  Nicole has developed a gift- she can see pictures move and can see the moments before and after.  Nicole has kept her gift mostly a secret and plays it off as a parlor trick.  Paul is desperate and Nicole is cute, so he asks her to use her gift on the victims photos.  Carl is a crime reporter at a struggling newspaper and desperate for a good story.  With some anonymous tips, Carl begins to put together the murders for himself and goes in deeper to the story than he should.  Will is on a mission, he also has a special power that leads him to who he wants, but would never guess that Nicole is not far behind tracking his every move.

A unique murder mystery told through they eyes of three very different people trying to solve the crime as well as the murderer.   It did take me a little while to get into the story as the first few chapters jump from different points of view to introduce characters.  Nicole’s gift reeled me into the story it was so distinctive and she seemed to have a bond with the women who were being taken as well as the murderer.  Along with Nicole, Will’s story drew me in.  The scenes where Will was tracking, killing and dismembering were gruesome in detail.  I was also intrigued by the insight into his mind and what he was seeing and feeling.  The medical details of the writing were very accurate and detailed as well. The reasons why the killings were done was the real mystery here, and it was truly disturbing, but I’m glad Carl was able to get the details out of Will.  The ending was thrilling and surprising as the cat-and-mouse game comes to an end, but not without a few twists.  One thing that bothered me at the end was that the reason for Nicole’s intense connection with Will was never explained.  Overall, a thrilling, threatening and surprising murder mystery.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.


The World as I see it.  Margaret Tidwell

The Mind’s Eye by Perry Prete was a unique book.  I can’t think of any other book that I have read that was like this book.  I love when I do find a book that isn’t like anything else that I have read because it always makes me want to read the book even more.  Right from the start of this book I didn’t want to put it down because I had to know how it was going to end but I also wanted to know more about the characters and how they all connected to each other.  Every time I thought that I had this book figured out it would change, and I was always left confused about how in the heck I didn’t see things coming.  I loved that this book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book.  If you are looking for something different than you have read in awhile than I would give this book a chance because I am sure that it is different from anything else, you have ever read.  I also have to say that I think the cover of this book in amazing and it is what made me give this book a chance so even though they tell you not to judge a book by the cover I did, and the book is also amazing.


My Review by Cheryl’s Book Nook

Detective Paul is a likable and relatable character. My first impression of him was that he was a curmudgeon but that quickly passed. It was just due to aging that Paul was a bit rough around the edges. Yet, once I did really get familiar with him, he was a likable guy. Additionally, he is good at his job. Nicole was also likable. Plus, the abilities that she possessed were intriguing. Her ability really came in handy with helping to solve the case. Yet, when it came to Carl; I have to say that I almost forgot about him. He was kind of nonexistent for the first half of the story. The second half Carl came out stronger.

Due to the likeability that I had with the characters and the fact that the killer had a strong presence as well in the story, this was a really good read. It was also a quick read. No real down time for me. The killings were gruesome but not so much detail was spent that the weak at heart would still like this book. There is even some romance that budded between Paul and Nicole. Again, not a lot of details were spent on their romance as to not distract from the overall story. This book is a recommended read. I would read more books from this author.


My Review by Locks, Hooks and Books

The Mind’s Eye is quite a creepy read and my first book I have read by Perry Prete. Nicole Baker, a sweet and reserved young woman, who discovers a shocking talent of seeing events in motion by just looking at a single photograph. She soon becomes the life of the party when her friends find out her new talent. She, then is introduced to detective Paul Hammond. He asks her for help with unsolved murders that are connected. Nicole and Paul find they also need the local reporter, Carl Kadner, to help solve the case. Carl has been investigating the murders, as well. These three partners come into more danger than they would have ever expected.

The Mind’s Eye to me is a surprisingly great book. This is one of those thrillers that takes a reader to some dark places. I never knew what was going to happen on the next page. I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. I can not believe how it all came together in the end. This book definitely does not have a predictable plot. I finished it several days ago and still can not quit thinking about it.

I am give The Mind’s Eye a well deserved five plus stars. It is another reason why readers should give indie published books a try. I do want to caution readers that it is not for everyone. There is some disturbing scenes and foul language that may offend some. I was not too bothered by it and kept on reading.

I would love to see The Mind’s Eye on screen. It would be make a fabulous movie. I look forward to more by Perry Prete in the future. Fabulous read!